Monday, January 26, 2015

Went to two remote villages around N'Diop with the Drama team.

A wire bent to become a child's toy

This lady wanted to get her picture taken (really!)  She kept asking me to take one and then she would pose in a very stern way.

and then dance :)

I love when the teenage boys are into the show as well

Had to take a picture of this, they take dried patties and burn them for cooking

This shows you how remote these villages are, they travel by horsecart, or walk, to get around

Their water source

2nd village
This doll made the rounds, it was passed around and loved on by at least 5 other little girls.  It had the most unique hair I have ever seen on a doll.


A lock on their one and only faucet.  They really have to limit it so the well doesn't dry out

The village's Chief

Saturday, January 24, 2015

More outreach pictures

One of their classroom buildings

The girls take on a caregiver role very early.

                   He is wearing this around his waist to keep the evil spirits away.  You will see it on                                                                  a lot of young kids.

                     When they are newborns they will put a straw or string through the child's ear so they                                                           can wear earrings later.
                                    Her first time seeing and trying a twizzler, she loved it!
                              Isn't this perfection!  (Our Kids Group passed out the hats to the kids)
                             Carter doing the setup and powerpoint for the evening campaign.
        First night evening campaign.  All total we shared the gospel to over 3,000 people and had more                           villages open up for local pastors to be allowed to come in and preach!
                                                 An everyday occurance around here!

They love getting their picture taken.  One child even asked if his picture would be on facebook!  How in such a remote village does he know about facebook?

My hair is played with and stroked a lot, but nothing like Monroe's (my youngest).  She gets a lot of comments about it.  And sometimes pulled on.

Monday, January 19, 2015

N'Diop Outreach Jan 2015

Carter and I had the opportunity to go on Outreach this past weekend.  It was an unbelievable life-changing experience!  I took a lot (a lot, A LOT) of pictures and I will be doing several posts.  I can not tell you how amazing the kids are of DA.  Not too many teens that I know would be willing to sign up for a weekend of hard labor, and these kids did it with a smile on their face!
Twice a year DA goes out to a village and evangelizes.  They build a church (includes digging the foundation, laying the cement and making bricks) dig a well, repaint and do murals in classrooms, and also send out a drama team,prayer team and VBS to neighboring villages.  And every evening they preform an evening campaign with singing (in French, Wolof and Sereer), drama skits as well as a puppet show.  Thousands of people showed up and was able to hear the gospel!

The village was N'diop, about three and a half hours east of Dakar.
We were set up in the local school compound.
We always had kids watching us :)
                                      From every view point (That is the gate to the compound)

One of the classrooms that will be getting fresh paint and murals.  The Director of the school told me they have 60 kids per classroom!  A lot of the seats were falling down, those got fixed as well.
                                          A well that has run dry so it is now filled with trash
 Carter was part of the camp set up/water crew, which meant he was always having to filter or pump water, and fill the big buckets for the toilet (sure, we'll call it that :) and for our bucket showers.
I was part of the food crew.  We made over 800 meals that weekend!

             Job site were they are doing the foundation for the church, making bricks and digging a well
                                                   Making sure we are doing it correctly :)

                                               The Director of the schools little boy.

With it being such a remote village, or as they refer to it here "out in the bush" A white person is not seen too often so I definitely scared some kids.

I have so much more to share so I will add more tomorrow.